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Regional Telecommunication Review

Posted on May 25th, by Liam in Blog. Comments Off on Regional Telecommunication Review

The 2011-12 Regional Telecommunications Review was finally released today. I sent a submission a while ago and was surprised to see that I was quoted a couple of times in the document.

Rock Climbing in Central Australia

Posted on April 1st, by Liam in Blog, Rock Climbing. Comments Off on Rock Climbing in Central Australia

I wrote this in 2002 and the article was eventually published in Rock Magazine in 2006. The particular issues raised by climbing in Central Australia force us to re-evaluate the reasons why we climb and may require us to take a different, more cautious approach. While Central Australia may not have the best climbing in Australia, it is one of the most interesting and beautiful places in which to climb. Don’t let the challenge of access issues deter you—the sheer amount of rock should be enough to get you interested.

Climbing Karinyarra: a cautionary tale

Posted on October 29th, by Liam in Blog, Rock Climbing. Comments Off on Climbing Karinyarra: a cautionary tale

Karinyarra: definitely not the next Arapiles, but an impressive mountain in a proud position in the middle of the desert.


Posted on February 14th, by Liam in Blog, film, Portfolio, Yuendumu. Comments Off on Film

Aboriginal Rules

Documentary on Australian Rules Football – Warlpiri style!


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