Looking to the future

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I’m looking forward to the future…

When no one makes any money from buying and selling .coms b/c no one really uses them anymore because apps are the new .coms and they’re available on any phone.

When we don’t need phone numbers.

When paper books are something special and digital stories only scroll or slide without the annoying fake page turns.

When something new becomes available and it’s not just in the US.

When data limits are irrelevant.

When I can download something – film. book, music, navigation, television – and I only have to pay for it once and use it wherever and whenever I want across a range of devices.

When I can make a TV show and my friends can choose to watch it in their living room.

When gigabytes become bits.

When computer screens are 1:1 with real life objects and no one understands what you mean by ‘it looks Jpeggy’.

When newspapers don’t use paper anymore.

When my friends don’t use bit torrents because it makes more sense to buy the content.

When ‘share’ doesn’t mean promoting links to your website in the hope that someone clicks on your banner ad.

When digital content is available to all people at a price that is relative and not based on the US dollar.

When telecommunication becomes simply communication and is a basic right and not only for the rich and educated.

When advertising exists in an opt-out user-pays system.

When I can learn about a new tech service that is available in the US and not have to wait 12 months for it to be available in Australia.

When the Twitter fail whale is a distant memory.

When we don’t have to spend 15 mins trying to understand the latest Facebook change and how it affects our privacy settings and explain it to our friends who have children.

When fear just doesn’t work as an election platform because everyone watches programs like the Gruen Transfer.

When I don’t have to explain what cross-platform is.

When we can stop discussing technology and start to take it for granted and remember that it’s just something we use to communicate, tell stories, make our lives better, learn about the world, respond to crises, and find other like minded people.

It’s an encouraging thought to think that that future is possible.

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