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Looking to the future

Posted on September 3rd, by Liam in Blog, musings. Comments Off on Looking to the future

I’m looking forward to the future…

When no one makes any money from buying and selling .coms b/c no one really uses them anymore because apps are the new .coms and they’re available on any phone.

When we don’t need phone numbers.

When paper books are something special and digital stories only scroll or slide without the annoying fake page turns.

When something new becomes available and it’s not just in the US.

When data limits are irrelevant.

When I can download something – film. book, music, navigation, television – and I only have to pay for it once and use it wherever and whenever I want across a range of devices.

When I can make a TV show and my friends can choose to watch it in their living room.

When gigabytes become bits.

When computer screens are 1:1 with real life objects and no one understands what … Read More »

Book Design and Digital Books

Posted on August 17th, by Liam in Blog, musings. Comments Off on Book Design and Digital Books

Sandy Cull invited me to post some stuff related to what I’m doing on her Australian Book Designer’s blog. I thought I’d post an excerpt here.

My current passion is working on creating AppBooks for the iPad, and – as they come on the market – other ‘tablet’ devices running OS like Android, in the belief that the future is an inevitable one in which digital books outsell printed books.

Lately, I’ve been looking at cross-platform solutions for AppBooks with audio, video and/or animation enhancements.


A few years ago, Sandy Cull designed my book ‘Darby’ – she did an amazing job – you can see a couple of examples of the design here.

It’s been a bit of a challenge. One of the issues with converting a physical book to digital and supporting two orientations is deciding whether to crop full page images for … Read More »

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