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Thanks for clicking the link!

As a fellow tweep, I thought I should introduce myself instead of just linking you to the homepage of my site.

Tootable is the name I use for my business. It’s just me atm. Well, me and a few computers and coffee with like minded people now and then.

What do I do?

I make iPhone and iPad apps, play around with fun pieces of software and web related codey stuff, and spend way too much time on sites like Knol looking for answers to questions I could have found on a wiki or taken my own advice and L2Ggl.

If you’re checking this page to work out whether to follow me on Twitter, I generally tweet about the iPhone and iPad, ePub, and other internet and computer stuff that seems cool. I also have an interest in Indigenous Australia and … Read More »


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Aboriginal Rules

Documentary on Australian Rules Football – Warlpiri style!


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Darby: One hundred years of life in a changing culture
Liam Campbell
240pp Hardcover

Featuring photos by Scott Duncan

First Published by ABC Books (2006). Produced by Warlpiri Media Association.

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